Headquartered in Tehran, Iran, the Islamic Azad University was founded in 1982 and currently has an enrollment of 1.5 million students, making it the world's third largest.Azad University has over 400 branches across the country and also in other countries such as the U.A.E. and the U.K..

Islamic Azad University of Hamedan at a Glance

Islamic Azad University of Hamadan (IAUH) started its academic activity on 25th of Mordad in 1366 (1987)-five years after the initial suggestion of the president of time- with  six clerical staff members and  642 students and eight fields of study. Three fields of Islamic wisdom, English language, and Mathematics at BA level and Accounting, Arabic and Religious knowledge Persian literature, Primary education, and Basic sciences were at associate degree level.
Now, 25 years after its establishment, under God’s blessings and as a result of the steady cooperation and assistance of the authorities in the central headquarters of the university, the provincial authorities, the professors, clerical staff members and the students, IAUH has been able to have a wide variety of achievements.
At the present, IAUH has an educational space of more than 100 hectares, and offers educational services to more than 15000 students. It has also increased its staff number to 253 academic and 296 clerical staff members. The total number of the fields of study has increased to 140 and 34000 students have graduated from this university at different educational levels.
Four faculties of Humanities, Basic Sciences, Technical Engineering, and Arts and Architecture, and five affiliated educational centers located in different cities of the province, have given the IAUH the capacity to be regarded as one of the largest academic units in the western part of the country and hence it has been rated as an “Type A” (Very Large) center of the Islamic Azad University. IAUH has also allocated an area of about two hectares for the establishment of the Research and Sciences branch and has obtained the initial authorization for the establishment of the medical faculty.
Relying on the Almighty and the privilege of the continuous support of the discreet authorities, IAUH strives hard to comply with the sagacious ideal of the supreme leader for the year 1391 that is “National Production, and Iranian Service and Assets Patronage.”
It also tries to promote the quality of the Islamic Azad University academic activities. This entails a movement towards an entreprenuring university efficient for the country’s economic development and growth, superiority in offering educational and research related services to different parts of the society being pioneer in the production of science, theory, and thought, and being equipped with modern research centers at international standard levels.
It is also hoped that IAUH, as a university the graduates of which crave for being respondent to the society’s new expectations and to structure the future human society, will achieve its deserving stance as a highly reputed university among the international academia.