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Faculty of Engineering

As part of the organizational revision plan, an independent faculty of engineering was inaugurated in 1386 with 9 subjects of study and more than 5000 students. In the beginning, due to lack of sufficient infrastructure, the departments related to art and architecture were also included in this faculty. In its early days, the buildings of Shahid Abbaspour, Farabi, and Shahid Beheshti were specified as educational buildings for the faculty. In the late 1389, when the faculty of art and architecture was independently founded, the faculty of engineering was transferred to Yadegar-e Emam building. Currently, there are about 4200 students in this faculty and 25 subjects are offered in four departments, namely, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanics, and computer. The teaching staff consists of 23 full-time instructors, 2 part-time instructors, 14 PhD candidates, and 80 visiting lecturers.

This faculty possesses well-equipped workshops and laboratories for the following areas:

Electrical machines I, II



High-voltage electricity

Command circuits

Cable troubleshooting

Electricity hotline

Components of buildings

Welting and working with metal plates

Concrete technology

Soil mechanics

Hydraulics and fluids

Turning and milling

General mechanics

Car mechanics

Industrial control

Strength of materials

Cable ends and joints


Subject Degree
Making an manufacturing


Electronics / industrial electricity

Applied science / electronics / general

Applied science / car mechanics


Electrical technician / electronics

Electrical technician / telecommunications

Technician of machinery mechanics / tools

Applied science / electrical engineering / high-voltage

Applied science / computer software

Electrical technician / facilities

Electrical technician / electronic signs

Technician of civil engineering / water and sewage

Technician of civil engineering / general construction

Civil engineering

Computer engineering / software

Technological engineering / electricity / distribution networks

Technological engineering / mechanics of making and manufacturing / mold-making

Technological engineering / electronics

Technological engineering / construction

Technological engineering / civil engineering

Technological engineering / computer software

Technological engineering / car mechanics