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Faculty of Science


This faculty was founded in 1386 as part of the plan of decentralization. Currently 20 subjects of study are offered in the faculty from associate’s to master’s level. There are 43 full-time instructors, 3 half-time instructors, and 70 visiting lecturers. Also, the faculty has an administrative staff of 13.


With the aim of improving the quality of education fulfilling the perspectives of the University, the faculty seeks the following objectives:

1) Nurturing talents in a scientific manner to provide the necessary human resources on a provincial and national level

2) Providing research facilities for exploring human and social phenomena to corroborate research in sciences and cooperate with other institutions in finding applied solutions to national development problems

3) Augmentation and distribution of facilities for research in sciences in the society

4) Improvement of postgraduate studies and establishing new subjects of study with regard to the needs of higher education in the province


1) Education of students according to the national curricula and with regard to the educational and research policies of the University

2) Conducting conceptual and applied research in sciences according to the needs of the society

3) Holding scientific conferences on local, national, and international levels

4) Composing and translating books and publishing journals in different areas of science

5) Consideration of needs for personnel, facilities, and office supplies and fulfilling the annual needs of the faculty

6) Addressing the students’ problems and giving necessary consultations

7) Inspection of the performance of the heads of departments

8) Preparation of reports and statistics for University officials

9) Offering educational and research services to provincial institutions and organizations according to the policies of the University


Conducting 12 research projects outside the University for other organizations

Conducting more than 25 research projects inside the University

Presentation of more than 120 papers in national and international scientific conferences

Publication of more than 45 papers in national scientific journals and ISI- or ISC-indexed journals

Holding 18 public scientific lectures by the departments

Holding 10 national, regional, provincial, and student conferences

Patenting 3 inventions by students and instructors

Holding 12 educational and research workshops

Having six active scientific associations

Future plans

Offering new subjects of study in postgraduate level

Founding a research center

Publishing specialized scientific journals

Founding well-equipped research laboratories


Subject Level
Teacher education / mathematics

Teacher education / natural sciences

Technology of environment


Mathematics / applied

Biology / animal biology

Biology / cell and molecular

Computer science

Physics / nuclear

Physics / atomic-molecular

Physics / solid state

Environmental engineering / environment

Environmental engineering / environmental pollutions

Mathematics / applied / numerical analysis


Biology / animal biology / animal physiology

Teaching mathematics


Teaching natural sciences

Applied science / chemical industries

Non-Cont. Associate’s

Non-Cont. Associate’s

Non-Cont. Associate’s




Cont. Bachelor’s










Non-Cont. Bachelor’s

Non-Cont. Bachelor’s

Non-Cont. Bachelor’s

Cont. Associate’s