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Features and Achievements

– Having 14000 students and the title of the largest center of higher education in Hamedan province

– Offering 105 subjects of study from associate’s degree to doctorate

– Having four major faculties, namely, Engineering, Humanities, Science, and Arts and Architecture (with the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature being planned to be founded in near future)

– Having a secretariat and a committee recruitment of teaching staff

– Having a committee of evaluation and observation

– Having an integrated system for financial as well as student affairs

– Having a system for the secretariat of the recruitment of teaching staff for the first time in Iran

– Having an online system for assessment of the teaching staff in three levels, i.e. students, administrative staff, and heads of the departments

– 5 dormitories for girls, each one with a capacity of 300 and all necessary facilities in each room including television, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, desk, carpet, and gas cooker

– All dormitories of the university equipped with study room, praying room, cybercafé with printing service, drawing table, café, and TV room

– Providing sport room, psychological consulting room, red crescent unit, guest room, and free atelier for painting and model-making

– Building a large supermarket for the dormitories

– Accommodating more than 930 students in 1386 and 1200 students in 1387 and 1388 in apartment-dormitories

– Increasing the number of cafés all over the university

– Preparing a student parking lot with a capacity of 500 cars

– Building a new  cafeteria with a capacity of 3000 and mechanized cooking equipment

– Standardization of water resources for the consumption of students

– A new automation system that is compatible with the intranet and enables students to reserve food on the Internet or by service kiosks

– All buildings equipped with service kiosks (for educational, financial, as well as student services)

– Sport facilities such as covered gym, wrestling gym, gymnastics gym, chess gym, football pitch, tennis court, volleyball gym, sauna and Jacuzzi, squash court, fitness park (public sport and fitness), multipurpose covered stadium with a capacity of 3000, table tennis gym, body-building gym, and shooting sport gym

– Financial support of various sport teams (chess, hockey, skate hockey, taekwondo, karate, and basketball)

– Association of red crescent

– Alumni association

– Improvement of the student welfare fund

– A workshop for repairing the office furniture in order to reduce the costs of buying new furniture

– Workshops for curtain-sewing, glass cutting, and painting

– Using a truck and mini-loader for transporting building materials, curb-washing, and cleaning the ground to overcome the lack of human resources

– Establishing a repair workshop and a car wash in transportation unit to reduce maintenance costs

– Beautiful parks and open spaces

– A greenhouse with an area of 1000 m2 for growing the necessary plants and trees

– Using the decorative plants produced within the university to ornament the educational and administrative spaces

– Establishing an optical fiber center with 19 powerful servers

– Increasing Internet bandwidth from 1 MB/S to 13 MB/S

– A 100 percent growth in ISI-indexed scientific papers

– An 80 percent growth in the number of papers published in national scientific journals

– A 45 percent growth in research activities

– Buying more than 25000 volumes of Persian and foreign books as well as audiovisual resources from international book fairs with an approximate value of 1,420,000,000 RLS (from 1386 to 1389)

– A digital system (called “Nama-Matn”) for accessing  more than 1700 Persian journals with more than 700,000 scientific papers

– A permanent fair for providing newly published books

– Equipping 81 classrooms with data projectors and UPS-supported power

– Establishing an independent website for research deputy office (

– Recruiting talented students to join the Young Researchers’ Club

– Holding scientific courses and workshops for the for both teaching and administrative staff

– Founding 32 well-equipped specialized laboratories and 57 research and educational workshops

– 24/7 services offered by laboratories and workshops to researchers

– Publishing the scientific journal Adabestan-e Erfani (Journal of Literature and mysticism)

– Establishing scientific associations for all departments and increasing their number from 18 to 27

– Having well-equipped laboratories for various subjects such as nuclear physics, optics, modern physics, microbiology, electrical machines, microprocessor and computer architecture, high-voltage electricity, strength of materials, hydraulics, fluids, geophysics, biochemistry and physiology, genetics, cell and molecular biology, morphology, zoology, biomechanics, analysis of mineral pollutants, and psychology

– Having well-equipped workshops for library science, electrical hotline, geography, building components, numerical control machines, cable troubleshooting, milling with angle-grinder and CNC, broadcasting studio, power generator, power transfer, fuel feeding, electrical system of cars, car troubleshooting, hydraulics and biomechanics, heat transfer, principles of unit operation, measurement and control, network, and GIS

– educational and research equipment for students and teaching staff including gravimeter, Kjeldahl, geoelectrical instruments, ICP spectrometer, ELISA reader, ELISA washer, and single-frequency GPS

– Wide scope of activities of SAMA deputy office

– Sufficient facilities for various cultural, political, scientific, and sport activities

and many other features and capabilities…


– Ranked first among all branches of Azad University in terms of the rate of development in 1388

– Numerous sport achievements and medals (in 1386: 21 gold, 28 silver, and 64 bronze medals; in 1387: one Asian bronze medal, and in national competitions, 38 gold, 20 silver, and 55 bronze medals; from 1384 to 1387: the mountaineering team conquered Mount Khantangiri in Kazakhstan, 7010 m, Mount Mustagh Ata in China, 7654 m, Mount Ararat in Turkey, 5431 m, and Mount Lenin in Kyrgyzstan, 7134 m, and gained 4 Asian silver medals)

– Selected by the central organization as the best SAMA unit in the fifth district with regard to cultural development (1386-87)

– Selected by the central organization as the best SAMA unit in the fifth district with regard to cultural development (1388-89)

– The International Conference of Hakim-e Hezareh-ha (1386)

– The first national conference on computer, electricity, and IT (1386)

– The second national conference on computer, electricity, and IT (1387)

– The first national conference of sustainable architecture (1388)

– The third national conference on computer and IT (1389)

– The first national conference on Dispute Resolution Councils

– National conference on spatial planning

– Conference on the metropolitan city of Hamedan

– Burial of anonymous martyrs and building a glorious monument for them

– Ranked first among university branches for accommodation of Norooz travellers

– One of the professors of the department of library science was ranked the second researcher in international Farabi festival and awarded by the president

– Obtaining the title of “the best researcher” of Islamic Azad University by a professor of the department of library science in the 11th festival of the best researchers and technologists

– Ranked first in the national competition of unmanned underwater vehicles

– Achieving the title of the third best website among the University branches by webometric measures (

– Ranked among the best branches in terms of student welfare fund

– Membership in the research council of Hamedan province

and many other achievements…

We hope that, with the help of God Almighty, we will progress to improving the quality of Islamic Azad University with the support of the governing officials of the university and in line with the Supreme Leader’s learned slogan, “more perseverance, more work”, and make this University “central to entrepreneurship and efficient in national economic development”, “outstanding in offering educational services to all social classes”, “pioneer in the development of science and thought”, “equipped with high-standard research centers”, “responsible toward the permanently evolving social expectations”, and “well-known in international societies which are composed of university graduates”.