Tuesday, 4 August , 2020 - 07:32

University at a Glance

This branch of Azad University was inaugurated in 25 Mordad 1366, i.e. five years after the proposal for the foundation of Azad University by Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, with a limited number of academic subjects and 642 students. Currently, with more than 100 hectare of educational space, more than 15000 students, 230 members of teaching staff, an administrative staff of 300, 120 academic subjects, 32000 graduates, four major faculties, and 5 educational centers, it is ranked as a very large A-type branch and will be soon given the title of a “comprehensive university”.

Strategic Principles

1) Safeguarding the values of Islam and the Islamic revolution

2) Observing Quran’s teachings in any act of decision-making

3) Following the path of Imam Khomeini and the Ayatollah Khamene’i

4) Aiming at the coordination of universities and Hawza

5) Implementation of the three commands of the Leader of the Islamic Republic, i.e. education, morality, and sport

6) Obedience to law and recruiting deserved individuals

7) Improvement of educational quality by respecting the rights of teaching and administrative staff as well as students

8) Absolute trust in cooperative management and collective reason

9) Prevention of wasting public wealth

10) Observing moderation in decision-makings

Perspective of the University

Research and Education

– Quality improvement with the aim of achieving the title of “comprehensive university”

– Holding the meetings of the university council

– Founding the faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature

– Offering medical and paramedical subjects

– Increasing postgraduate subjects

– Publishing more scientific journals

– Modification of the pyramid of the teaching staff


Completion of the following projects: the building of laboratories, girls’ dormitories, workshop sheds, language testing center, the center of technological units, the building of Shohada-ye Mehraab, postgraduate office, conference hall, museum of natural history, anthropological museum, and the educational building of Bahar branch

Future Plans

The second access road to the university, immediate access road from Tehran-Hamedan road, preparation and asphalting of the student parking lot, linking with the urban water-supply network, and installing a generator